TexMexMas ’07 Chili Cook-Off Recap

Best Meat:
Tie between the Friz’s and Gilmore’s Turkey Chili
Prize – A singing chihuahua

Best Veggie:
Sarah brought it back home this year for a big win.
Prize – A Vegas Elvis Christmas ornament

Most Likely to Exact Montezuma’s Revenge:
Scott and Katie’s “Crock of Love”
Prize – A bottle of Montezuma tequila and a polar bear that poops candy

Best Overall:
Gilmore’s Turkey Chili
Prize – $20 in Chili’s gift cards.
Gilmore has officially established himself as the chili chef to beat at TexMexMas. He’s an unstoppable force. So, keep that in mind when competing next year. You’ll be facing an Iron Chili Chef.

Since he couldn’t make it, Dodo left a yummy classic chili in our freezer while he was in town last week. Fly-Guy brought a delicious duck chili, Gilmore (wily devil trying to win both Best Meat and Best Veggie) also brought a sweet-cashew chili. My brother Trav brought a super-spicy classic chili whose heat snuck up on you after you’d already taken too many bites while his wife, Amber, brought a very tasteful and full-flavored classic chili.

Thanks to everyone who made it out (several first-timers this year). You continue to make this one of the most enjoyable days of the year for us.

TexMexMas ’07 Chili Cook-Off Recap

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