2 thoughts on “Way Back Whensday

  1. yup. C&C holds a special place in my heart as well. dodo had already turned me onto “pure guava” but it doesn’t quite gel as well as C&C. i was a dishwasher at free state brewery when ‘voodoo lady’ hit the air and klzr was playing the hell out of it. one evening after washing dishes all night it came on the radio and my co-worker went off on a large monologue about how ween was the most talented band in the world at that time – how they could take any musician’s work and make it their own. then we stepped out back for a doob and came back in to finish our work and he played C&C while we worked and i’ve been a fan ever since…though, it wasn’t until i purchased C&C for myself and listened to it with the attention deserved that i really understood what my old dishwashing compatriot was rattlin’ on about. i still pick up anything ween puts out, but the past few records have been kinda uninteresting to me.

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