Not much chance for survival

To: jdoublep
Fr: chrisg

God?? Hey, it’s me Chris. Yeah, I know I don’t talk to you very often, but
hey…I have a little favor to ask. Can you please please please say this
is going to be a DVD? Thanks man.

Holy crap dude, check out this video:

The end of that is just, freaking amazing. It looks professionally shot and
edited. Looks like it was made for French TV or something. Here’s some other highlights if you wanna
watch when you get time:

Neon Bible (pre-show, very cool):
Keep The Car Running (opening song with video they enter to, cool):
Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son (best version I’ve heard floating around,
Crown Of Love:
The Well and The Lighthouse:
Ocean Of Noise:
My Body Is A Cage:
Black Mirror (They even make this sound good this time!)
No Cars Go:

Yeah, I had some time on my hands.



wow. i’m all a’tingle.

Not much chance for survival

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