from a fall day

wistfully blissful i sit
under a waning
late afternoon shade
(you thought i was going to say “sun”, i know.)
on a concrete bench
that’s painted grey
and faces 2201 main.

wistfully blissful i sit
waiting for my wife
and i watch an old man
across the street
as he works out his abs
on an expensive machine
built for repetition.

wistfully blissful i sit
unable to connect
to the Westin’s wireless web.
though my computer says,
“status: connected”
i’ve learned it’s best
to never trust a machine.

there’s a metlife blimp hovering above downtown!

wisftully blissful i sit
and wonder,
“where’s my blow gun when i need it most?”

i see an awful lot of people jogging in this part of town (union station). i’m only a few blocks south from the DT core and there’s much more leisurely (as opposed to businesserly) pedestrian traffic this a-way. which is nice. it’s nice to go out for lunch in washington park and sit under a tree and watch as people go jog by, or walk their dogs by, or take a tour on those stand-up scooter things by, or not even go by at all but themselves sit under a tree in the park, in the city. i like washington park. i’d like to hold open-air poetry readings there on sunday afternoons. i’d like to incite a riot there on monday mornings; a worker’s revolt for all those individuals who want nap-times built into their benefits package. naptimes with company-issued cots and micro-fleece blankets emblazoned with the corporate logo if need be – but warm and fuzzy nonetheless. but what i’d really like to do is pop that blimp.

so i’m now a tennis pro on my wii. i’ve scored 2000 points, so don’t question me, bitches.

speaking of KCK, did you see how KCK cleaned up in the Pitch’s Best Of edition? Damn it feels good to see people up on it. Will the hipsters come? Perhaps, but there’ll need to be more coffee shops and bars that aren’t private clubs. —I just saw a dude bike by with a glowstick strapped to the back of his helmet.—

in summary, please forgive the shite verse. i’m trying to work my way back into a regular writing habit and you all will unfortunately bear the brunt of that. sorry. (not really.)

from a fall day

Nightmares and Hairscapes

So, the odd thing about what you’re going to see next is that I didn’t create it in a fit of sleeplessness.
No, the image below was created by Sarah’s old boss.
He’s a champ.
A champ that found a great way to scare me early this morning.

I now give you, courtesy slampost, a vision of a nightmare future:

Now, the odd thing about what you’re going to see next is that I didn’t create it in a fit of sleeplessness either.
No, the image below was created by me, during normal waking hours and stems from a photo C-Reg sent over my way of a him with some wild ass hair (and perhaps a wild hair up his ass):

Nightmares and Hairscapes

Another early morning disaster recovery test

This time, accompanied by a soundtrack from A Place to Bury Strangers, which is fantastic music to listen to at 2:30AM (or anytime really – I’ve probably listened to this album 7 or 8 times since Gilmore tipped me off).

I’ve got a gnarly sore throat. Roman’s been sick this week and has spread some loverly germs around. He started going to daycare at Sarah’s work this week (he was sick before) and is loving it. He’s so exhausted by the time he gets home all he wants to do is eat supper and crash. He’s a cranky little cuss when he’s tired – and he hates sleeping so that makes getting him to bed a helluva lot of fun.

There isn’t much else to report on in our neck of the city. You got the big news of the year for us – baby girl on the way. Other than that, we’ve just been working, sleeping, working. We’re tiling our basement – about 1/3 of the way done. Should be nice when complete. Had to rip out all that old carpeting when the heavy rains back in April flooded us (yeah, it takes me a while to get moving on home improvement projects).

On and on we go, time ever passing. I started this blog (well, baddaboom, which morphed into this) over 3 years ago and in that time I’ve gotten engaged, married, bought a home, had a child, got 2 new jobs, and now have a second child on the way.

And it keeps coming
And it keeps coming
And it keeps coming
Til the day
It stops.

It’s so bloody late/early…

Another early morning disaster recovery test