Most active weekend we’ve had in a long while

First and foremost – a big, huge, overly enthusiastic congrats to Ryan and Rebecca on their nuptials Friday evening. We missed the ceremony itself (late sitter) but showed up early to the reception at Boulevard Brewery. What a sweet place to hold a function and get friends and family together. So, good luck to you both (and thanks for sitting us at the NYC table – we really enjoyed meeting your East Coast homies).

Saturday night, Night of the Living Dead at the Coterie. Awesome. Just fun and perfect Halloween goodness since we didn’t get to put on our Horror Film Fest this year (but oh! next year!). Made me really think about adapting Night of the Mullets for the stage for next Halloween.

Yesterday, pumpkin patch in Gardner. Full-fledged agritourism. Lots of fun for the kiddies. And an ATM for the adults.

In other news, baby girl is kicking and flipping. Perhaps her name will be Ninja Gaiden?

Most active weekend we’ve had in a long while

2 thoughts on “Most active weekend we’ve had in a long while

  1. Balm Squad says:

    I still prefer Rogue Preu, but your the father. Have at thee!

    And yes, we hit up the pumpkin patch last week with Jack’s schoolmates. It was nice to see they added a gourd tosser to complement the pumpkin cannon. Better living through technology, indeed.


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