What a great morning to bicycle to work

The temperature was perfect, slighty overcast, with crisp, clean air – even through the Bottoms. Legs cranking with ease, enjoying working the creaks out from a relaxing weekend…deep breathes in, out…it’s such a change for a Monday morn to be so pleasant and refreshing and downright enjoy-SPLASH! a car flies by, sending up a wave of water as high as my head – and which subsequently curls and crashes all over me. Nothing like being force-fed West Bottoms standing water to wake one from a dream that Monday mornings can be OK.

This weekend, we discovered the utter awesomeness of digital over-the-air television broadcasting. We had sitting in our breakfast nook a 13″ television hooked up to a pair of rabbit ears. Fine for watching the news in the AM, and some PBS over supper. Every channel required an antennae adjustment. Even then, fuzzy reception all around. So, on a whim, we decided to replace that TV with a HDTV. Crikey! We had no idea what we were missing. Not only are all our over-the-air channels now completely crisp and clear with no adjustments necessary…we have 4 different options for programming on Channel 19! Saturday night, 19-1 was showing some British brouhaha – so I flipped over to 19-2 and watched The Decemberists on Austin City Limits. Don’t know how we slept on this technology for so long – probably because we really don’t give much thought to TV. But, damn, what a difference.

So, KC Beer Fest this Saturday. Who’s with us?

What a great morning to bicycle to work

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