5 thoughts on “Way Back Whensday

  1. Roni Size for the mother flipping win.

    20 years ago, I was probably listening to New Order.

    10 years ago, Orbital.

    5 years ago, probably Nickelback or Linkin Park but it may have been more so-called “techno”

  2. new forms is such a stellar record.
    me too.
    me too.
    not so much on the 5-year listen – but i did see linkin park play with someone 5 or 6 years ago…hed p.e. maybe? i dunno.

    there’s plenty more way back whensdays to come!

  3. dodo says:

    wow, i’d forgotten how ugly shane mcgowan was.
    10 yrs ago i was most likely to be listening to paul mccartney and wings.
    how’s that for comic relief?

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