from a fall day

wistfully blissful i sit
under a waning
late afternoon shade
(you thought i was going to say “sun”, i know.)
on a concrete bench
that’s painted grey
and faces 2201 main.

wistfully blissful i sit
waiting for my wife
and i watch an old man
across the street
as he works out his abs
on an expensive machine
built for repetition.

wistfully blissful i sit
unable to connect
to the Westin’s wireless web.
though my computer says,
“status: connected”
i’ve learned it’s best
to never trust a machine.

there’s a metlife blimp hovering above downtown!

wisftully blissful i sit
and wonder,
“where’s my blow gun when i need it most?”

i see an awful lot of people jogging in this part of town (union station). i’m only a few blocks south from the DT core and there’s much more leisurely (as opposed to businesserly) pedestrian traffic this a-way. which is nice. it’s nice to go out for lunch in washington park and sit under a tree and watch as people go jog by, or walk their dogs by, or take a tour on those stand-up scooter things by, or not even go by at all but themselves sit under a tree in the park, in the city. i like washington park. i’d like to hold open-air poetry readings there on sunday afternoons. i’d like to incite a riot there on monday mornings; a worker’s revolt for all those individuals who want nap-times built into their benefits package. naptimes with company-issued cots and micro-fleece blankets emblazoned with the corporate logo if need be – but warm and fuzzy nonetheless. but what i’d really like to do is pop that blimp.

so i’m now a tennis pro on my wii. i’ve scored 2000 points, so don’t question me, bitches.

speaking of KCK, did you see how KCK cleaned up in the Pitch’s Best Of edition? Damn it feels good to see people up on it. Will the hipsters come? Perhaps, but there’ll need to be more coffee shops and bars that aren’t private clubs. —I just saw a dude bike by with a glowstick strapped to the back of his helmet.—

in summary, please forgive the shite verse. i’m trying to work my way back into a regular writing habit and you all will unfortunately bear the brunt of that. sorry. (not really.)

from a fall day

2 thoughts on “from a fall day

  1. Just awesome. I can MacGyver up a decent bow and arrow out of only office supplies that’s deadly accurate as far as 8 cubicles, if that helps you any.

    Glowstick on the back of the helmet, eh? I’d bet that would go pretty well with a strobing LED headlight and tail blinky at night. It’s a bike rave! Oontz Oontz Oontz Oontz

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