it’s 2am…do you know where your data is?

Perched on the edge of a crack between two concrete slabs, I watched a seemingly healthy fly clean its legs. one, two, then the next leg began to spasm. the fly jumped up in the air, flipped over, and fell back to the concrete – dead. in a blink.

not more than 10 seconds later, an ant come marching along. the fly had fallen right into an offshoot of an ant trail. so along comes this ant, not much bigger than a fly’s leg, and – score – he walks around the dead fly once, grabs it by a wing, hoists it up and above, and starts dragging that mug home.

i’m at the beginning of an 8 hour disaster recovery test. i’ve got two computers up and running in front of me, a glass of diet coke and daft punk playing in the background. thankfully i’m in the basement, not in the office.

what are you doing at 2 this morning?

moving on: life ain’t so bad around these parts. the new gig is interesting and managable. learning lots of new stuff (tso on the mainframe, anyone?) and generally loving no longer answering to attorneys…looooving it…

it’s 2am…do you know where your data is?

7 thoughts on “it’s 2am…do you know where your data is?

  1. B. says:

    Glad you’re liking it, man. I need something “interesting and manageable”…that would be nice. Right now I think I have something along the lines “monotonous and unrealistic”…


  2. Adrianne says:

    I love Daft Punk! I once played “Around the World” (not the radio edit!) on an continual loop for five hours while writing a term paper. My then-boyfriend threatened to break up with me after the second hour.


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