Thanks, everyone

who came out and drank all that Flying Monkey beer and ate from the World’s Largest Taco Dip (TM) and listened to The Upright Apes. If you have any photos, please send them to my gmail. I was too busy conversating to take pics.

For those that missed the shindig – you’re weak.

And you missed two important announcements:

1 – I got a fresh new job as an InfoSec Admin – yahoo.

and the big one…

2 – We’ve another little Preu self-assembling him or herself in Sarah’s womb this very moment. She’s about 9 weeks along. YAHOO!

Thanks again to everyone who came last night. Rockin’ good times. I’m old. But I still rule.

Thanks, everyone

12 thoughts on “Thanks, everyone

  1. Swollen Arts says:

    HOLLA! More Preus on the way! – This is great news. Big ups to the new job and the sure-shot. We miss you all very much and we’ll be in town on AJ’s birthday.

  2. Can’t wait to see you kids, SA!

    And thanks for making it out, Bill. I hope you and your wife got to spend some time together Sunday.

    Noah, right now I do InfoSec some time and Desktop Support most time for Stinson Morrison Hecker. I’m making a move toward full time InfoSec with Sungard –

  3. Sweet! Sungard’s a good company. I’ve worked for FishNet as a vulnerability assessment engineer, and got some pretty interesting tasks when I was there. That was 7 years ago, though. I’ve changed gears a lot lately, going from assessment to compliance, audit information gathering, identity management, and roles and responsibilities. InfoSec is so spread out between the different organizations at DST that no one group really gets to play with everything.

    Good luck! Sounds like fun, and not a bad location either. We should grab lunch sometime before you bail from within the downtown loop. email me if you’re interested. noah at focushacks dot com will get to me. Either that, or we could hit something in the Freight House area after you make the jump. Jack Stack is MMM MMMM!

  4. noah, yeah my new responsibilities are geared more toward the audit/policy and documentation side of things.

    i interviewed with fishnet last year (my good bud, brandon, currently works for them) but had to turn down the offer due to the timing of the offer – sarah was about to make her jump to cerner so i stayed put for a while longer at the insurance company.

    i’m definitely down for lunch. perhaps friday or sometime next week. i’m broker than broke until then.

    and – you tagged me…gee, thanks. 🙂

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