Things I saw on the street this morning:

1 – a smashed bird…yet immaculately preserved. it looked like a prop.
2 – an old pop-top can of beer. it was well crushed but i did stop to look to see if it was worth taking with.
3 – a very nice bungee cord.
4 – a man sleeping with his bike and a couple of full plastic sacks on east end of the pedestrian bridge across the kansas river.
5 – a rock. a rock i’ve seen in the same spot every day for the past couple of weeks. i don’t know how it manages not to get run over or washed away. impressive, that rock.

this weekend:
genius rob and the effervescent katy are having a housewarming party.
i’mma finish cleaning our garage.
casiotone for the painfully alone playing sun. night at the bottleneck. fingers crossed that we make it out.
hoping to post long overdue photos of ro-dog.

Things I saw on the street this morning:

3 thoughts on “Things I saw on the street this morning:

  1. Thanks. It gets me around. A lot. I put more miles on this bike than the car it’s leaning against these days.

    On the Lenexa ride: I’ll get lots of pics. There’s always next year.

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