Amelia is a different bird altogether

Wow. The only similarities between riding a road bike and riding a mountain bike is that you have to pedal to move either one of them.
Got my new bike all set up to ride and took her to work this morning.
For one – the geometry is entirely different. you have to use your body in a very different way on a road bike. you don’t manhandle the bike quite so much. and you have to reeeeeeally lean over to get into a comfortable position. i’m inflexible, by the by.
For two – holy hell can you haul bizzalls on a roadie! i bet i hit upwards of 40mph going down some hills this morning. i didn’t actually time it this morning but i think i got to work about 10 minutes earlier – that means just about 25 minutes of total ride time.
For three – your shifters are index-fingered instead of thumbed.
For four – wearing a bikepack while riding a roadie isn’t quite so comfortable as while riding a mt. bike.
For five – west bottoms+skinny tires=crotchal vibratory action
Can’t wait to get an odometer/speedometer working.

In other biking related news, last night Chris G. and I headed to Lawrence to ride the river trails. The back half was a complete washout. I guess the heavy rains really wrecked shop down there. Part of the trail that rides along the river bank was completely washed away and the trail maintainers had to build a new route. All in all though, a great night for a ride. We saw one other biker and two joggers.

Amelia is a different bird altogether

3 thoughts on “Amelia is a different bird altogether

  1. One: Welcome to road bikedom. I love it, although I did the opposite of you, and when I got home from commuting on my road bike, I took my MTB out on a group ride (with a bunch of roadies!) and putzed around.

    Two: 41.7 MPH last Friday without breaking a sweat. I’ve had it close to 50 before with the bike computer on it. I may have topped 50 when I took it on one of its shakedown runs testing my front shifter adjustment right after I got it. I left the computer off the bike.

    Three: Welcome to road bikedom. Again. I love STI levers, but I also like the rapidfires on my MTB. I guess they’re all similar when you think about it. I don’t really like the grip shifters on my hybrid.

    Four: Rack. Panniers. NOW! It actually makes the entire machine (bike and human combo) handle better because of the lower center of gravity. And no more sweaty puddle forming on your back. Although on days like we’re having, sweat will happen anyways.

    Five: Padded bike shorts liner. NOW! I can ride my MTB or hybrid in cargo shorts or even jeans for quite a while. My road bike? A 3 mile trip for groceries is kind of uncomfortable in shorts, and painful in jeans, unless I have some padding. I haven’t gone to the whole “tampon-filled lycra” shorts yet. Trust me. No one wants to see me in those!

    Glad you’re liking it so far.

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