10 thoughts on “Sometimes, I really miss the 80s

  1. ok, geek moment.
    When I used to play City of Heroes I’d made this one character whose body was surrounded by this cool blue glow. ( i think he was a “blaster” class, don’t really remember) Of course, his name was Bruce Leroy as an homage to this masterpiece of cinema. Until just now, I’d always remembered Bruce’s glow being blue, not yellow…strange.

    This is ALMOST my favorite goofy karate flick of the 80’s.
    But here’s the real winner, as we all know.

    ( i never understood WHY he did that..)

  2. B. says:

    Ooooo…Big Trouble In Little China…truly a modern classic. I can’t believe my wife hated it so much! FUCK! Anyway…I always loved The Last Dragon…SHOOOOOOOO’NUFF!

  3. oh, SNAP! Gymkata was rad!
    However, there is a fine line that lies between a “goofy” karate flick of the 80’s and an “it’s so bad it’s awesome” karate flick of the 80’s.
    You, my friend, just crossed that line.

  4. Balm Squad says:

    This is probably worth checking out as well:

    Haven’t scene it, but this scene is supposedly the worst fight scene EVER. Hard to disagree.

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