Because it just came up in my Rhythmbox’s shuffle

I thought I would take 2 seconds to tell you that one of my all-time favorite albums is the soundtrack to Blade Runner. It’s a deserted island must-have.

All right – more than 2 seconds…can I pick 10 albums to take with me to a deserted island (in no particular order)?

1 – Vangelis – Blade Runner
2 – My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
3 – Bob Marley – Legend
4 – Boards of Canada – Geogaddi
5 – Public Enemy – Nation of Millions
6 – B-Boys – Check Your Head
7 – One Dove – Morning Dove White
8 – The Orb – Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
9 – X – Wild Gift
10 – Erasure – Chorus

Now, I don’t think those are the 10 best albums ever – but they’d be most entertaining to me should I find myself alone on a rock surrounded by salt water hoping I don’t have to eat myself to survive.

Because it just came up in my Rhythmbox’s shuffle

7 thoughts on “Because it just came up in my Rhythmbox’s shuffle

  1. i have a hard time hearing a single track and not wanting to play the whole thing from the start to finish. that entire album chokes me up with emotion.

    and i’m not a very emotional chap.


  2. speaking of pants and pee…so i rode my bike to work today but forgot to bring a set of spare unds (cause you don’t wear unds with biker shorts, if you didn’t know) and had to freeball it all day long. and quickly i was reminded…shake extra extra when not wearing unds at work.

    good night.


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