it’s friday…hoorah.
we’re taking ro-dog down to the crossroads tonight so if you see us strolling about stop us and say, “yo.” our little monkey turned 9-months-old this week. fast fast fast goes the time time time. i feel i’ll blink my eyes and he’ll be 9, then 19. but, until then, he’s a baby. a baby who hates to crawl and only wants us to walk him around so he can try to kick everything in his path. he’s baby beckham. the cat, remote control, dirty socks, toys – doesn’t matter. ro wants to kick it like JCVD. he saw a soccer ball in our yard one day and i showed him how to kick it. now he’s a kick addict. so that’s ro. what about my sweet spouse? read her blog, bitches. it’s the drift, over there————> . she gets in trouble a lot at work. that’s what she’s got going on. me? i’m living a charmed life. i realized sometime after the new year that in over 10 years I haven’t had a job where i actually had to be mentally present. that’s kinda pathetic, but it did allow for me to expend that mental energy elsewhere (like blogs). i passed one of many IT security certification tests this week. that was cool. i’m glad funkmeister won kc’s mayor-ness. that was cool. i heard yesterday that kcmo is putting a school downtown at 10th and central. that was odd.
OH –
let me use this blog for two things other than self-indulgence:
1: do any of you know any good babysitters close to where we live (WYCO, 18th & State)? we’ll need someone after the summer and preferably someone close by.
2: Next Friday, May 18th, at the Record Bar – Mac Lethal is gonna tear shit up. It’s his last Record Bar show, too. (No Joe Good this time around, though, I guess he quit rappin’.) I’mma try to go if anyone else is down. Gimpy? Brandon? Your momma?
that’s all for now, kids. have a rockin’ weekend and watch out for zombie pimps.


4 thoughts on “sigh

  1. he ain’t quittin’. in his words, “we have decided from here on out to try to do bigger shows at bigger venues. if that means bringing in someone bigger than my capabilities, then fine with us! we just wanna try to push kc to be a little more reliant on itself when it comes to music.” guy’s got ambition. should be a good show.

  2. “I hate Mac Lethal. I hate people.”- Mac Lethal

    I, too, admire Mac’s ambition. Wouldn’t it be great if he could fill the Uptown by this time next year?

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