11 thoughts on “one of the cool and unexpected things about living in an old ass house

  1. Liza Labador says:

    Hey Jason! I knew you from Chipman! Congrats on ur handsome son and wonderful wife! Hope allz well with you. Was trying to find Jared Westermeyer on the ‘net and it somehow brought me to you! You may not remember me, it’s been too long. Just wanted to drop you a line to say hi!
    Liza Labador
    P.S. You could find me on MySpace as TKD Mom if you wish. Take care!

  2. What makes this gun so common? Besides the fact that there’s a lot of them.
    Were there a bunch of ’em distributed in the States back then or what?
    The huge influx of mafioso cowboys settling west of the miss?

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