Film Fest

Holy celluloid, is planning a film fest ever fun!
As much as I hate the attention-to-detail attitude that administrative work requires, I was born to adminstrate and coordinate.
If I weren’t so jaded, I’d take that skill to the political arena.
But back to planning a film festival:
Wonder how much it costs to rent a cinema for a day to show free movies? Could the rental fee be covered on advertisement dollars alone? Does KC already have an “official” Horror Film Fest?
Funny thing is, I’m not a big fan of horror films. That role falls to my brother, Matt. He’ll watch any and every scary/gory movie that comes out and enjoy 99% of them. Not me. I want my scary movies to be a well-realized creative endeavor first and foremost. I realize that’s subjective, yeah, yeah, but you bitches know what I mean. Attention to set and psychological details, unique story, innovative camera work, capable acting – I want my horror flicks to have most of those attributes…but be scary to boot. I know this is wanting to have my cake and eat it too – and I’m able to budge quite a bit in my critical stance – but I’m not a fanboy of the horror genre because most forays into the subject are terrible terrible terrible. (e.g. Hostel.) So, yeah. I think when you see the line-up for our film fest, you too will say, “Yeah, those are all actually enjoyable, entertaining films AND artistically notable.” And that satisfies me in such a way that the entire process, from conceptualization to preparation to execution, is wholly enjoyable. Plus, it helps to have Sarah’s support and input and general interest in reifying this idea.

Film Fest

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