I’m Your Man

So there’s this documentary about Leonard Cohen:

here i am
And there’s the soundtrack that accompanies it that features all sorts of great artists covering Cohen’s songs:
1. Tower Of Song – Martha Wainwright
2. Tonight Will Be Fine – Teddy Thompson
3. I’m Your Man – Nick Cave
4. Winter Lady – Martha Wainwright, Kate & Anna McGarrigle
5. Sisters Of Mercy – Beth Orton
6. Chelsea Hotel No.2 – Rufus Wainwright
7. If It Be Your Will – Antony
8. I Can’t Forget – Jarvis Cocker
9. Famous Blue Raincoat – The Handsome Family
10. Bird On A Wire – Perla Batalla
11. Everybody Knows – Rufus Wainwright
12. The Traitor – Martha Wainwright
13. Suzanne – Perla Batalla, Nick Cave & Julie Christensen
14. The Future – Teddy Thompson
15. Anthem – Perla Batalla, Julie Christensen
16. Tower Of Song – Leonard Cohen & U2

And whilst listening to that soundtrack this morning I’m for some reason overtaken by the idea that I’m in the autumnal years of my life. Look:

I imagine I’ll live to be about 60. (Having Type 1 diabetes should shave off a number of years from the American male’s typical lifespan.) So, given that, and dividing by 4, I’m through the Spring and Summer years, which respectively correlate to 1-15 and 15-30 with Spring given over to the beginning of life and Summer given to adolescence’s wanton abandon. Now’re the Autumn years, bringing with them a change of color, a slowing-down of the life force and a general feeling of needing to prepare for the Winter still to come.

Why did L. Cohen’s words spark this thought? I dunno. But I suggest you get yourself a copy of New Skin for the Old Ceremony and settle into some thoughts of your own. Winter’ll be here before you know it.

I’m Your Man

3 thoughts on “I’m Your Man

  1. i also like concrete blonde’s ‘everybody knows’ but i think all the songs on the soundtrck are directly related to the film – they all sound like live cuts. i haven’t seen the doc, so i don’t know if it’s about l. cohen or if it’s about these artists covering his songs at a concert or something.


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