He’s finally growing more tolerant of it:

clean me

Although he does remain somewhat skeptical of its merits:

say wha?


8 thoughts on “Bathing

  1. sarah says:

    i’m not a soccer mom courtney. but then i’m not a passive aggressive dissociative misfit either.

    fuck off. keep your comments to yourself.


  2. marcelo and leticia says:

    We’re soooooo glad Awesome is more awesome in the bath. He’s the bathtime champ! By the way, you don’t plan to be a soccer mom, it creeps up on you and then all of a sudden you’re looking curiously at mini vans… as your son is in the grass kicking around a soccer ball.


  3. I wasn’t saying anything bad by it. It was a thought I had one day when I was listening to whatever Silver Jews song has the line “Suburban kids with biblical names” in it.


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