6 thoughts on “The look of a newborn and his father on the thought of being without mom for two weeks

  1. Nana Preu says:

    Just remember, son, that you will have the same expression when he gets to be a teenager except it’ll be worst.

    That’s my grandson. A big ham just like his dad & mom. He’s absolutely beautiful but of course, I’m the grandma so I would think nothing but that.

  2. OMG. That “new to earth” shirt is insanely adorable. I feel all rationality quickly dribbling out of my ears and onto the floor, only to be replaced by that damn ticking clock.

    And as always, Roman is the cutest baldy ever (sorry “dad”, you don’t even come close.) Once again, I’ll take him if you don’t want him, though I’m pretty sure you do.

    Best wishes,


  3. sarah says:

    putting the word dad in quotes reminds me of another onesie i soo wanted to get. It said “He thinks he’s my daddy.”

    but baby sarcasm is way over-priced so i’ll have to make my own version at home.

  4. Baby sarcasm, overpriced? Nay, I say. Let the baby be flip! Let the rabbits wear glasses…

    If I wasn’t :ahem: “between jobs” and “between boyfriends”, oh and “between pescriptions”, I’d totally whip one up for you.

    These days the only luxory I lavish on others is paper dolls. Can I make a paper doll of Roman? That’d be sooo cute, and he’d never grow out of those clothes. I just need a photo with a good shiloette (you know the word, I don’t know the spelling, sue me).

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