Enjoying paternity leave thus far

but had to interrupt the vacating to tell you what I just found out:

Edit: M.C. Hammer’s Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em is the top-selling rap album of all time. (You’re right, Brandon, it’s important to get that fact right.)

And that motherfucker still went broke. Damn.

Enjoying paternity leave thus far

3 thoughts on “Enjoying paternity leave thus far

  1. Brandon R says:

    Are we talking about U Can’t Touch this, the single… or are we talking about Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em’? This is important.


  2. sarah says:

    more upsetting than that tidbit:
    hammerpants are back! (courtesy of armani by way of jc penney bargain bin circa 1991)

    “…Giorgio Armani’s latest catwalk offering was his freshest, most eclectic yet. Influenced by artist Jean Cocteau, coat collars and sleeves were splashed with artistic geometric prints, suits came in velour or were jazzed up with checked jackets and baggy trousers were all the rage. Classic with a twist.”


  3. Momma Balmsquad says:

    Luckily my mom saved me from this particular fashion regret by telling me when I desperately wanted hammerpants that I looked like I had a huge diaper on under them. (?) The thought of someone my own age coming up with the same observation scared me straight.


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