Why ‘Dotte?

If you like Johnson County and the Plaza, you should consider moving to Western Wyandotte. Here’s what’s coming:

The Plaza at the Speedway is planned with 865,000 square-feet of retail stores, including a nationally known discount/grocery store, a warehouse club, a national home improvement store, a major electronics store, in-line junior anchors, and a mix of restaurants and services. The project will be even larger than The Legends at Village West. It would be built on the north side of Parallel Parkway across from The Legends, stretching from I-435 on the east to almost Hutton Road on the west.

source: 9-7-06 The UG E-News Source

I’m all for redevelopment but do we need a bigger Village West across the street from Village West? I also like the idea of all that sales tax going to the UG but do we need a bigger Village West across the street from Village West?
If you live in WYCO, you’ve got a prime chance to give your input about this and other developments during the City-Wide Master Plan meetings. There’s one more left – this Saturday at 13th and Quindaro.

Why ‘Dotte?

4 thoughts on “Why ‘Dotte?

  1. Mrs. Dodo says:

    This is crazy! I like the Plaza and Crown Center because it
    is the Plaza and Crown Center. I used to go to Crown Center
    and go through the Crayola exhibit and make pictures by
    dipping a q-tip into melted crayons. The Plaza has been a
    place to go to all of my life. I remember skipping class in
    highschool and going to La Bon Buoche (where Re-Verse is now)
    and getting coffee and all kinds of french goodies. The
    German restaurant and grocer (where Starbucks stands now)was
    a great place to eat and the owners were always so friendly.
    I still go to the Plaza and Crown Center not necessarily to
    shop (although I did strike it big at Eddie Bauer this past
    weekend) but to hang out in a very cool place – a place with
    history. Not just my history but the history of Kansas City.
    I don’t think The Legends, Village West or any other copycat
    of the Plaza can boast such history.
    And don’t start analyzing this too much – yes, the Plaza is
    very chainy right now. They don’t have too many locally owned
    restuarants or shops anymore but at least I don’t have to
    walk two miles across a parking lot to shop.

  2. the plaza is very chain-soaked now – and it’s unfortunate, but i wonder if chains are the only businesses that are able to afford to lease a space there. i foresee the same problem with the p&l development and an over-abundance of chains.
    i think that new developments in kc just try to capitalize on that history (which is more dubious than it seems) you speak about when they name their new projects “plaza-this-or-that” when it’s really just a mall.

  3. Mrs. Dodo says:

    Your absolutely correct in that the only ones able to afford
    a Plaza location are the chains. The only stores/restuarants
    I recall still locally owned is the Classic Cup, Vinca, the
    photography shop (possibly?), Tomfooleries, Re-Verse and
    Garden’s Eden. Not too many left on the Plaza. Walmart anyone?

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