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Generally, I think Jenee’s FYI articles in the Star are rather poor in content and theme. But, since this one’s about our friends Eanna (aka Abra Cadaver), Brian and their newborn, Finn Cutty, I had to cut and share (didn’t want to link ’cause I think you probably have to register):

Posted on Sat, Aug. 26, 2006


Giving birth gives mom a new life

The Kansas City Star

She was always a rock star to me.

I met her two years ago at “The Gun and Knife Show” at Fahrenheit Gallery. She was dressed as a BB gun-toting assassin with shimmering blond hair slicked back and a mischievous smile painted red. I liked her right away.

Slowly, I came to call Eanna Clark my friend. She starts the party when she walks through the door with the slightest flash of that smile. She’s effortlessly cool. She’s a member of the KC Roller Warriors, jokes about eating puppies for breakfast and it’s no shock when she starts firecracker fights on the Fourth of July.

The surprise came when she got pregnant. Suddenly, the fearless Eanna was scared and excited and changed forever.

Eanna, 23, says pregnancy gave her patience, made her selfless and tested her strength.

“I am one of the most impatient people I know, and waiting nine months to meet someone is the ultimate test of patience,” she says. “There is no amount of charm or no person you can know that will help move the process along faster.”

Her wait ended about two weeks ago when Finnigan Cutty Holton was born, a boy with the lightest brown skin and prettiest green eyes.

Although he’s the newborn, there is something new about Eanna, too. Sure, the changes were gradual. She and her fiance, Brian, grew inseparable. They slowed down the partying, and they stopped drinking. Eanna was a lot more like apple pie and less like steel nails.

And her smile is different. It’s filled with warmth and comfort. I see my friend jam-packed with joy, the kind that overflows to everyone around.

My rock star is a mommy now.

“He is the most successful thing I have ever done,” she says of Finnigan. “For the first time I have to put someone else before me, and the weird part is that I want to. Before I only lived for me, I wasn’t required to be anything less than selfish. Now, his priorities are my priorities; he eats before I eat.

“I don’t waste time being angry anymore, getting mad about rush-hour traffic or bad service, it all seems silly now. Instead of being ticked about some guy who cut me off on the highway, I just look at Finn. People say children stop your life, and they do in a way. But it’s like you stop, re-evaluate and redirect. My life has changed in a good way.”

Now more than ever, Eanna is determined to reach her goals.

“I am motivated to succeed and be who I always wanted to be, so that he can grow up and know that he has to do the same thing. I have to make choices he can respect. I have someone watching how I live now.”

When she looks at her life a year ago, she is amazed.

“I think this is the dream I dreamt when I thought of how I wanted my life to be. Everything fell into place. Finally, I feel in place.”

We took RAP to roller derby Saturday night where he got to meet Finn for the first time.

go kcrw!

Mommy Cadaver

2 thoughts on “Mommy Cadaver

  1. I think I’ve probably mentioned this before, but that is one insanely adorable baby. I’d like to point out at this time that I’m big on honesty. Maybe the reason I’m harping on how cuddle-able little Roman is, is because it’s so refreshing to see a wee one I don’t have to cringe at. He’s cute, and that’s rare. I can only hope to be so lucky. I probably wont.


  2. well i’m certainly glad you think he’s a cutie. you know we do – but we’re biased.
    the trick to cute babies: make sure your significant other is a tender roni.


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