Ghost Ride Da Whip

Has anyone yet in KC blogged about this? Probably, as much of this is related to Bay Area hip-hop and we know how tight KC and Bay Area rappers were before Mac Dre and Fat Tone got into it. But, seeing as how I haven’t lived in the Bay Area for 15 years and have no real reason to keep my ear to the curb about Bay Area rap trends this is news to me. Perhaps what I’m about to share will come as news to you as well.

First, background:

My second job is swell. I listen to modern rock radio stations across the country and manually ID songs that the company’s robust computer system can’t figure out. Half of the time this equals to telling the computer that what it can’t figure out is just a bunch of DJ blabber. The other half of the time is actually spent listening to new songs and figuring out what they are and who sings ’em. So, it’s like Name That Tune for hipsters (although I’m no hipster and apparently neither is anyone in New Orleans because their modern rock station is more or less an 80s metal station, which would make you think New Orleans would be crawling with hipsters as hipster metal is all the rage these days). I digress.

In CA, there are more than a few stations that play a fair amount of rap mixed in with their mod rock. Well, last week, one rap song in particular kept coming up. I suppose it’s relatively new to the radio and not yet in the computer. So, I heard the song, in bits and pieces, 50 or more times. Now this rap song wasn’t all that remarkable save one thing: it sampled Ray Parker, Jr.’s ‘Ghostbusters’. The name of track: ‘Ghost Ride It’.

If I’d heard the song once, I probably wouldn’t thought much about it…but like I said, it was getting some mad radio play and when you’re that saturated with a song it can’t help getting stuck in your head. Some of the lyrics sparked my curiosity. They had to do with “ghost riding.” When I was growing up, we ghost-rided our bikes all the time. You’d pedal full speed, hit a ramp and then let the bike go crazy while you fall to the ground. I knew the rappers on this song weren’t rapping about bicycles. I had to know what “ghost riding da whip” was.

Well, a quick visit to youtube enlightened me.

And now, I’ll share my new-found knowledge with those of you who have no idea about this retarded phenomenon sweeping the coasts.

This is a prime example, representative of what ghost riding da whip is all about:

And if it isn’t painfully obvious already, here’s why ghost riding da whip is retarded:

Just for the heck of it, while we’re talking about retardation, it isn’t really ghost riding da whip but…

This is the kind of thing that makes you dread being a parent.

Ghost Ride Da Whip

3 thoughts on “Ghost Ride Da Whip

  1. FlyGuy says:

    “Ghost Ridin” you say…. and here all this time I thought that was called “being a dumbass”… learn something new everyday!


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