So I was e-mailing with

Happy in Bag the other day about the new OutKast album, Idlewild, and he was talking ’bout how much he liked it and I agreed and upon reflection realized that OutKast have not yet put out a bad record. Idlewild is their sixth full-length album. 6 albums and not a bad one in the bunch?! That’s an incredible track record.

At any rate, tonight we’re going to see the cinematic counterpart to such sweet music. We’re also heading to Lansing for a b-day dinner. We’re gonna be leaving Baby Awesome with my mum for about 5 hours. This’ll be Sarah’s first time away from her son for any length of time. Should be appropriately nerve-wracking for the both of us, really.

Finally, I need home mailing address from a few of you, so expect an e-mail from me sometime this weekend. (Toast, Pom, Sir Vin, Happy, Courtney and Patchchord, I’m looking in your general directions.)

What else?

The other day I had to walk a bit down on 124th and Antioch in JoCo and noticed that there are massive gutters there.
Who knows why? The gutter was so big as to be a sidewalk. KCK needs to widen their gutters to this almost-sidewalk size since people there walk in the street way more than they do on the sidewalks (but given the skills of KCK drivers…this might be more of an evolved trait for survival on the part of KCK pedestrians).

That’s it, bitches. Here’s poop in your eye.

So I was e-mailing with

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