You know I can’t read what other bloggers are writing about music and keep my fingers still

Over at emaw’s place, he posted on a subject hijacked from another blog: the greatest rock song of all time. emaw posted a lengthy critique of why Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ isn’t the greatest rock song of all time. I agree wholeheartedly. That song is brilliant, but it doesn’t rock. In fact, Pink Floyd does not rock at all. Now before you start throwing your vinyl copies of Atom Heart Mother at me know that I am probably a much bigger Pink Floyd fan than most of you. I even owned (and wish I still did) the Orb remixes of entire Pink Floyd albums and David Gilmour’s solo albums. But I remain steadfast in saying that Pink Floyd does not rock hard enough to have the rockingest song of all time. I think ‘One of These Days’ is rockin’ and ‘Dirty Woman’ is too. Not ‘Comfortably Numb’. ‘CN’ doesn’t make you wanna move, make you sweat, make you fuck. It does make you wanna hit the open road with pack of Lucky Strikes and a fifth of Old Crow so it’s got that going for it.

So what’s the most rockingest of rock songs ever?

I don’t know. But I know who performs it.

It ain’t The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, T-Rex, The Ramones, The Boss, Huey Lewis, Motley Crue, Jane’s Addiction, GnR or Skynyrd.

It’s X.

X is the greatest rock and roll band ever, therefore one of their songs wins the title of greatest rock song of all time. I don’t know which one. ‘Universal Corner’? ‘The World’s a Mess; It’s in My Kiss’? ‘Poor Girl’? ‘Sex and Dying in High Society’? ‘We’re Desperate’? Goddamn, how can you pick just one?

From The Decline of Western Civilization (kinda shite quality):

X on Letterman ’83:

You know I can’t read what other bloggers are writing about music and keep my fingers still

8 thoughts on “You know I can’t read what other bloggers are writing about music and keep my fingers still

  1. Just throw a poisoned dart at the track listing of Wild Gift- “White Girl”! “When Our Love
    Passed Out On the Couch”! “I’m Coming Over”! And what’s especially unbelievable is that
    they’re better live now than they were twenty years ago.


  2. FlyGuy says:

    I think you’re fogetting about the greatest unband of all time… with classics like “Sweet Black Pussy Cat”, “Suck It”, “Leather Love”, “This Styk is Sore”, “I Wanna Be Wee”, and my favorite “Every Now and Then I get the Bed Head Blues”! That’s right I’m talking bout POYNT’D STYK!!!! Those guys are all about the ROCK!


  3. it’s true. poynt’d styk rock harder than quartz.
    but x…ooo, man. happy, did you catch their show here back in ’03? good lord, sarah and i left that concert with feelings that anything in the world was possible so long as x was providing the soundtrack.


  4. Marcelo Gomez says:

    Look man! I don’t mean to rain on the parade, but “X”. I think trying to pin down the greatest rock song ever is like telling someone the most intriguing animal in the sea. First, it’s impossible to see every animal in the sea in your lifetime. Second, it all depends on where you were, what was happening in your life, and how you relate.

    I will say that I agree with your assessment of Pink Floyd. I love Atom Heart Mother (I even have a cycling jersey with that cow’s head looking at my next victim, and the butt mooning them when I pass). But, it’s definetly not rocking like Frank Zappa, The Tea Party or Death From Above 1979.

    I guess my point is – X may be the rock for you, but it’s subjective to say it rocks the most.

    Let me shit on your comment and ask – How’s the baby! 🙂 He looks Awesome!


  5. c’mon – it goes without saying that it’s all subjective. that’s the fun of it. discussing why my subjectivism is better than another’s. the pink floyd assessment was emaw’s, however, and not mine. i just agree that floyd doesn’t rock.

    but back to the subject: name a band that is more rock and roll than x and why. i think fly guy would nominate ac/dc. and, though i don’t like them, i think they’re worthy contenders for most rockingest. dfa 1979 rock, but they’re way too young to be most rockingest. besides, blood brothers and a host of others beat them by a mile for most rockingest if you’re considering contemporary acts.

    back to the other subject: Roman Awesome is thuper. He’s fun and completely wearing out his momma.


  6. FlyGuy says:

    Well yes… AC/DC is the most rock’n’ist band… but in a pure and simple it’s RocknRoll view… meaning there is nothing deep about it, it’s just rock and you can always count on AC/DC to deliver rock. Now I will say there are other bands that I think rock and there are even whole albums I would label as the rock’n’est. But I know it’s purely my ear. I know jdoublep likes the early rappers, and as yes I can listen to the humty dance with the best of them, it’s not my cup of tea. Rock to me… and I mean rock’n just to be rock’n is 80’s-early 90’s hair metal… it was all about deliver’n feel good rock (yes there is a power ballad, but I’m not counting that) am I like feel good rock!

    You might look into an hair metal band Dangerous Toys self titled album as I think that thing rocks. I also think one of the greatest albums is “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today” by Suicidal Tendencies. I think that whole album rocks and is in my top ten… even though I don’t seem to own a copy of it.

    As far as the Roman subject… he’s cool I got to meet him last Saturday and am looking forward to telling him stories of his daddys PROV days.


  7. Don’t argue this w/ john evans…it’s be the replacements. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE X. Went & saw them in Omaha last week. Literally the greatest live show I’ve ever seen. Billy Zoom is not human. He didn’t sweat he whole set & had his big ass smile the entire time.


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