Thank you, everyone

Thanks for the cards, books, calls, text messages, e-mails, comments, blog links, clothes, well-wishes, food, flowers, visits and Guinness. We appreciate it all so very much.

things that make you go hmmmm...

So here are some things we’ve learned in our first week as parents:

1 – Babies grow FAST!
2 – You can tell what color hair your kid will have by the pigmentation of his taters (nipples work the same way apparently).
3 – Breast milk is sweet and quite delicious. More tasty than formula.
4 – John K. (Yurodivy/Patchchord) was right on to send us Lou Reed’s ‘Beginning of a Great Adventure’. The entire process thus far has seemed an adventure. From the 4 days of labor prior to the surreal state in which Sarah now exists with Roman: 2 hours on, 2 hours off.
5 – The trajectory of an arc of urine that issues from a baby penis is better than a show at The Bellagio. And way more humorous.

Me and RAP

Roman Awesome is fun and, so far, it’s easy to fix what makes him fussy. He wants either to be fed, changed or swaddled. Sarah is beat…but loving every minute of it.

Mum and RAP

In other news,

The Onion has a nice, long interview with Alan Moore about his new GN, Lost Girls.

Thank you, everyone

5 thoughts on “Thank you, everyone

  1. kari.ann says:

    congrats again! i’ve been checking back daily for pics! glad to see that *the family* is home together.
    the baby is just beautiful!!!!


  2. Dad’s job is a little less defined during this time period, but it basically amounts to being your wife and baby’s bitch. Keep ’em comfortable and you’ll be in good shape.


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