Awesome ain’t no kinda joke.

The kid survived a cord around the neck…
a knot in the cord…
and being fathered by my dumb ass.
That’s pretty frickin’ AWESOME! Roman Awesome!:

give me nips!

eye of the tiger


the two most beautifuls
For a few more photos you can go here and type in “Jacobson” for the password.

Awesome ain’t no kinda joke.

11 thoughts on “Awesome ain’t no kinda joke.

  1. Truly, this AWESOME!!! Congrats my man. The kid is adorable. Looks like you . . . If you were a baby.

    Again, AWESOME!!! There is no other word that’s more apt.


  2. Jen says:

    CONGRATULATIONS kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May the universe wrap you three up . . . . in a sweetness you have never known until now. He is an angel! I love you guys~ sending it to you every minute of every day.


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