BABY? no.

i shouldn’t have even started posting about the baby, man. i can’t handle this waiting.

last night, went for a brilliantly refreshing ride out at shawnee mission park. i hadn’t been out to ride for a couple weeks because of the mad heat. thought about going this weekend but we did some work on the bathroom instead: installed a marble threshhold and repaired a big hole in the wall in which was recessed the old medicine vault. the old owner of the home came by sat afternoon to tell us two cool things of note: 1 – where the old medicine vault was used to be a window in a cedar closet. so the upstairs bathroom was about 1/2 the size it is now. 2 – the basement fireplace works! we just need to clean ‘er out. i thought for sure he told us when we bought it that neither could burn wood (the upstairs is a gas log).

we watched a movie over the weekend called the atomic cafe. very interesting to listen/watch to cold war language operate in comparison to ‘war on terror’ language. i think people just like to declare wars on things: terror, communism, drugs, poverty, cancer. i think we like the feeling that we’re fighting something, but it seems that what we’re (people, not America) warring against always is ourselves. terror is an idea. communism is a philosophy. cancer cells are our own wack-job cells. the war on drugs is a war on poor people. you may be saying to yourself, “dude, you’re a puss. we need to wipe out that shit.” not so fast, my war-happy wunderkind. you’re operating under the assumption that all wars can be won. i don’t think they can. i’m rambling. check out the flick though – it’s a chronologically-ordered collection of archival footage from the 40s and 50s that follows the bombing of nagasaki and the subsequent dialectic of atomic fascination and radiation paranoia that results in the popular conscious.

somehow related: foreign policy magazine dispels some rumors regarding al jazeera.

motorola has sold over 50 million razrs. where the hell do all those phones go when they die?

have a good tuesday. i hope you haven’t forgotten how sadly epic and rockin’ is weezer’s pinkerton.

BABY? no.

8 thoughts on “BABY? no.

  1. thanks, heather! we keep checkin’ everyday too – and i’ve tried coaxing by flashlight and song and threats and promises – but no luck. we go back for another doc visit tomorrow.


  2. FlyGuy says:

    I can tell you where those old cell phones go by the way… they get shipped to my office. I’m not kidding… we have a partnership with these guys in Cali (I think) and we get old phones shipped to us and then we ship them to those guys who then go through them and take out any phones that are still “valueable”. Then the phones get shipped off to recycling places as many of the componants are still useful. The “valueable” phones are refurbashed and shipped off to small countries around the world where they are sold to be used again. And let me tell you… cell phones have come a LONG way… we get those old bag phones sometimes… DANG those things where huge by todays standards.

    See you learn something new every day


  3. Balmsquad says:

    I hate to be Debbie Downer, but you just gotta be patient. He’ll cook until he’s ready. Lot’s of walking and stretching will help get Sa Rah and ze baby in a good position. But I keep thinking healthy and easy baby thoughts your way!


  4. I don’t know if I’d want someone to use the word “cooking” when talking about ym baby, but that’s just me. And you are so right about cancer/terrrorism/communism/people.

    But people gotta feel productive. They want to make things better. They may go about it in a convoluted and assinine way, but most of the time they are victims of their own memes. And thats not evil, it’s just sad.


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