The Hillary Step

plays tomorrow! Guaranteed to rock your socks off.

We had a doc’s visit yesterday afternoon. The latest:

1 – 50% effaced (thinning cervix).

2 – Opening of the cervix is moving up into position.

3 – Junior is on the pelvic runway.

We are about cleared for take-off!

Hot damn!

In something completely unrelated, don’t you hate when you can’t find your old friends via Google? I’m so spoiled that I think everyone should be as plastered across the ‘net as I am. I guess some folks have yet to figure out that true privacy is an illusion…muahahahahahaha…

I read this post today where TKC linked to a blog talking a bit about Hezbollah and Israel and I wanted bad to argue with the blogger’s endorsement of Israeli policy in the matter…but I’m not certain it would have been heard. Then I wondered if the situation were reversed and the blogger posted here in defense of Israel, would I have heard? Then I had to take a wizz so I closed my browser and went to the bathroom and listened to two salesmen talk shop. When I came back, I figured the argument wasn’t worth the time. But then I wrote this bloody paragraph about it anyway (although there’s no argument ).

The Hillary Step

8 thoughts on “The Hillary Step

  1. Just remember that epiderals are your friends… don’t try to go the balls out approach and say you don’t need one because you will, oh my friend, you will. Then once you get one, it will be smooth sailing (or so that was the case with one of my good friends!)


  2. sarah says:

    i really love that there’s pic of me on the gyno-table in a paper sheet on the web. i hope someone searches for me and is rewarded with that image 🙂


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