The anticipation is the worst

I mean, we know it’s any day now. Every cramp, every odd internal movement is cause for wide eyes and double-takes. Sarah’s able to work from home now so that’s a great relief to her (and me too because I know it’ll make things easier on the both of us). She seems to be sleeping OK. My own sleep is fitful. I seem to sleep the best right before I have to wake up, but I don’t think that’s unusual for anyone.

Somebody got capped at 29th and Washington around 10:30AM this morning.  That’s not too far from the Holiday House and is a might bit early for shooting people up. The early O.G. gets the worm, I suppose. (Not to imply that the poor fella who got blasted is a worm. I don’t know him.)

So, whatchoo think about the U.S. charging citizens for evacuating out of Lebanon? Suppose you could pass those invoices on to Israel? (Yes, I am critical of their actions.)

The anticipation is the worst

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