T Minus Two Weeks and Counting

This evening, I’ll show a photo to accompany this post, but for now know that Sarah is miserable and Junior is most definitely moving down into position along Birth Canal Lane.

[Update – Photo as promised:]


Here’s a cool trick you can do with your unborn child:

1 – Get a flashlight.

2 – Speak loudly in the womb’s general direction to stir your little nugget’s swimming slumber.

3 – Take the flashlight and turn it on.

4 – Place light firmly into bottom of the womb’s left or right quadrant (just above from where hip meets abdomen) and direct head of beam upwards.

5 – Wait for it.

6 – BAM! That little bugger moves to the light!

Last night when we did it Sarah’s belly undulated like a waterbed.


They grow up so fast, folks. If only they could stay unborns.

T Minus Two Weeks and Counting

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