I have two Mondays this week

Or two Fridays…

Speaking of Fridays, last Friday, we went over to Friz’s to watch We Jam Econo. Great film that I definitely recommend (especially to those who’ve never listened to The Minutemen). The band’s acoustic jam on the bonus DVD is priceless. The movie made me sad when Mike Watt talks about how easy it is to be in a band these days, how there is no longer a stigma attached to teens in bands. And, while that ease of making music has led to an explosion of bands, I’m not certain that’s necessarily a good thing.

Saturday, ooooooooooh, Saturday I played the good uncle and took Sarah’s nieces to Red, White and Boom. Let it be said here and now that the experience was potent enough to make me want to write something wholly separate from this simple weekend wrap-up post. 3:30-10:30…7 hrs of ultra-pop music under a blazing KC sun.

Yesterday we went to Abra Cadaver’s baby shower and it was pleasant. She’s due about a month after us. Delicious ice cream cake from Stone Cold Creamery. We also met the girl who purchased this year’s KU architectural project, a home that was originally to be built in Westheight, but whose design was too modern and subsequently rejected by the KS State Historical Society. So, the home was re-designed and set to be built in Strawberry Hill (which is another great KCK neighborhood). I also spied a copy of Ulysses on Abra’s mom’s bookshelf and that made my heart swell like the Liffey after a week of hard rain.

We watched two flicks this weekend: Hostel, the worst flick I’ve seen since Dodgeball – and Twelve Monkeys, one of my most favoritist movies ever and one that Sarah’d never seen. For those who’ve seen Hostel, are you able to riddle me this: Why should we, the audience, care that two asshole Americans and one asshole Icelander escape painful dismemberment? What schmucks. If I’d have met those jerks in Amsterdam I would have sent them to Torturevlakia too.

Thankfully, film-at-large redeemed itself when Twelve Monkeys started up. Sarah rightfully noted about halfway through that “the narrative is somewhat complex.” I’m not sure what she thought about the thing overall because I think she may have fallen asleep (lest you think that says something about the film, please keep in mind it was waaay past our bedtime!). This is one of those films that pays dividends to multiple viewings spaced out over a span of years. Interestingly enough, the two main characters discuss the revisitation of a piece of art throughout one’s life as a possible form of time travel – the idea isn’t really expanded upon in the film but it is a notable hat tip to how Twelve Monkeys itself might be approached. The first time you watch it – you’ll follow along without much difficulty if you pay attention. After that, each viewing offers new details and insights (Hell, even Siskel changed his review after a second viewing). I haven’t watched the movie in 4 or so years and this time around, the main thing that stuck with me was this: free will is a real pickle.

I have two Mondays this week

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