Weekend Wrewind

Friday night – went to Record Bar.
Goddam…I hope to have a review of the Black Clover Beer Fest up at patchchord.com here in a day or so and all I can say for now is good goddam.

Saturday night – took Josh to roller derby. Die Master let him try on the death mask.

Truly, though, after the first half, he kinda lost interest. So, maybe 6 is too young for a full derby bout. No matter though, because Sarah and I had a blast. She sat up front with a very pregnant Abra Cadaver while I chilled in the back keeping on eye on the little stinker.
Holy hell on wheels are the derby girls ever bad ass!
They’re having a bout at Hale Arena the day after my b-day. YOU. MUST. GO!
I heard from the sister of one of the cat’s promoting the Crossroads Arts and Music Fest that the event was a literal washout. The rains were so heavy and hard Saturday afternoon that Grinders’ backyard turned into a swamp. Anyone make it out?

Yesterday – bought some backerboard for our bathroom floor but decided to take the night off and relax. We watched His Girl Friday and Brokeback Mountain. I enjoyed Brokeback though it was super depressing. Probably woulda been cooler as a gay cowboy musical set on a Montana dude ranch. I could write that. Brokeback Mountain on Ice.

Weekend Wrewind

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