The Star shows some love to the Roller Warriors

Not a bad write-up…from yesterday’s FYI.

And, just to show you all how roller derby has blown up, check this list of U.S. city leagues:

Alamo City Rollergirls
Arch Rival Rollergirls
Arizona Derby Dames
Arizona Roller Derby
Assassination City Derby
Atlanta Rollergirls
Bay Area Derby Girls
Bakersfield Rollergirls
Boston Derby Dames
Carolina Rollergirls
Charm City Rollergirls
Chi-Town Sirens
Cleveland Rollergirls
Dallas Derby Devils
DC Rollergirls
Denver Roller Dolls
Detroit Derby Girls
Dixie Derby Girls
Dominion Derby Girls
Duke City Derby
East Texas Bombers
Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Gem City Rollergirls
Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Greenville Rollergirls
Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Houston Roller Derby
Kansas City Roller Warriors
Knoxville Roller Derby
L.A. Derby Dolls
Lancaster Rollergirls
Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Lonestar Roller Derby
Long Island Roller Rebels
Mad Rollin’ Dolls
Memphis Roller Derby
Minnesota RollerGirls
No Coast Derby Girls
NorCal Rollergirls
Ohio Roller Girls
PA Roller Girls
Philly Roller Girls
Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Providence Roller Derby
Rat City Rollergirls
Renegade Rollergirls
Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Rose City Rollers
Salt Lake City Derby Girls
Sin City Rollergirls
Spokane Roller Derby
Switchblade Rollers
Tally Rollergirls
Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
TC Rollers
Texas Rollergirls
Tragic City Rollers
Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Tucson Roller Derby
Windy City Rollers
Wichita Rollergirls

There’s so many teams, the girls had to make up cities to hold them.

The Star shows some love to the Roller Warriors

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