The end of the week at the beginning of the week

Let’s travel back in time…to last Friday evening…when Sarah and I met up to sup at Le Fou Frog (delish)…where we consumed carmalized upside-down apple pie

and when we went to see Corrie Van Ausdal’s Braces. Braces was amusing even if it didn’t quite live up to the press hype. I’ve seen Van Ausdal in enough Late Night productions to say I think she is a fine actress (and not just a comedic one) and, as my wife quipped, if CVA takes this show on the road she should have plenty of opportunities to grow the play into something with a more sustained emotional punch. As it stands, some of the vignettes don’t move quite like they could and this prevents the whole from coalescing. In particular, The Magnetic Fields’ bit, while delivering a punchline perfect for Late Night Theater in terms of bawdiness, isn’t clever enough to escape its inevitible payout. Overall, however, there are enough gems in the writing and production (the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ scene will make you pee your pants) that make me, like everyone else in Kansas City, anxious to see what Corrie Van Ausdal comes up with next.

And then came Saturday when my mom and Breeze came up for a bit and when Sarah and I started to rip out one of our bathroom floors and when I was made sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that I hate DIY home remodeling/refurbishing. I am completely missing the “I Like to Build Shit” gene. I like cleaning things and organizing things and doing lawn work. But I will never be a DIY-er. I admire the attitude – I just don’t have it in me.

But then came Saturday night when we were cashed out from ripping out floor and I forgot about and Sarah was just too tired for Coach Death’s birthday party (so happy late b-day, John. Sorry we missed ya’.).

Then came Sunday, Father’s day, when I was served breakfast (French Toast) and insulin in bed.

Treat for being a baby daddy.

And when Sarah’s folks paid us a brief, afternoon visit and that was great. And when we took my dad to see The Proposition for Dad’s Day. Have you seen The Proposition? Heard about it? A Western, set in Austrailia, written by Nick Cave? Graphic, I warn you, but beautifully filmed, scored and acted. Lesson learned from the film: Don’t make a deal with the devil because the devil always wins. I feel confident in recommending the movie to you (especially you, Rob, and especially not you, Gina). PLUS, we saw the trailer for Idlewild. That is gonna be a film that makes you wanna move in your oversized stadium seat!

And when we woke up and came to work and then the time traveling was over and the week was on like a corporate Glenn Frey.

The end of the week at the beginning of the week

4 thoughts on “The end of the week at the beginning of the week

  1. B. says:

    Ohhh…The Proposition. Excellent movie…we went to see it opening day…no crowd for sure!…

    Loved it, though it did seem anticlimactic…I mean the ending hit home enough but…BUT…you know.


  2. Gina Marie Wake says:

    You are correct, as soon as you said “Western” my anti-brown-movie gene kicked in and I checked out and starting skimming only stopping to see my name.


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