A song…about love…and the undead

Will one of you please musicize this for me?

The last thing I remember is you in my arms
And dreaming of violent chrysanthemums
Soundly sleeping together our long loving life
Waking up in the morning to sick gruesome fright
As the neighbors above us and the neighbors below
The neighbors beside us try to break through the door
Oh where could we run to and where could we hide
When the people around us are dead yet alive?


Now it’s just me and you and the zombies after our brains
Left to fend for ourselves in this world of rotting pain
Me and you and the zombies after our brains
All-consuming romance that’s been forever blood-red stained

I know you want me to stay to help you see this terror through
But the facts of the matter are we are zombie food
We’re stuck in this place – choices quite limited
Someone’s got to find help or we’ll both wind up dead


You took my hand in yours and whispered, “So this is the end?”
The callous words that you heard were, “Things were over before they began.”

My words stung I could tell but we were living in hell
And I couldn’t be bothered to flowery evocations
With undead in our life mucking up the situation!





A song…about love…and the undead

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