Yeah, it seemed a sweet idea at the time.

When we got invited to Teresa’s fundraiser for breast cancer awareness I immediately thought – Yes, I’ll do myself up like a member of The Blue Man Group…only PINK!

And I rolled with it.

Pink Liquid Latex paint? Check.

Bald cap? Check.

My mistake, however, was in not taking the time to do the facial prep work necessary, namely: not shaving. The end result was something…not the Breast Cancer Awareness Man I was hoping for. No, I ended up becoming Pink Velcro Victim X:

And I couldn’t show up to anyone’s fundraiser like that. I would have frightened off all the fundgivers. So, much to Sarah’s disappointment…I began to deconstruct Pink Velcro Victim X:

The process quickly turned nightmarish:

My alter-ego was reticent to relinquish hold:

We battled, he and I, for hours upon hours:

At times, Pink Velcro Victim X had the upper hand:

Yet I always managed to somehow regain a hold upon myself and my true identity:

Eventually, Pink Velcro Victim X gave way to Bubble Gum Gone Wild Man:

Who gave way to Latex Panties On the Head Boy:

(Which birthed a series of photos best left for a time when I know you better.)

Yeah, it seemed a sweet idea at the time.

4 thoughts on “Yeah, it seemed a sweet idea at the time.

  1. Balmsquad says:

    Good LORD Jason! That somehow reminded me of what I would see if the Scarecrow from Batman Begins were to blow the chemicals in my face!


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