Somebody’s having a birfday

Now…who could that somebody be?

I’ll give you some hints:

1 – I’m married to this birfday person.
2 – I live with this birfday person.
3 – This birfday person is carrying the baby we might name “Scarface”.

Have you guessed yet?

Geez…make me spell it out for you.

Today’s birfday beauty is:

H to the izz-O T to the CizzAKES

that's the anthem

(Should you like to send any birfday wishes to this mystery person, I advise you to post an electronic telegrammatic memorandum to: boomboomvondoom(at) But you didn’t hear that from me.)

In other news,

Iraq troops to get ethics training. This directive is coming from the Pentagon? News flash, Pentagon: Monkey see, monkey do. How about we just don’t bomb any more countries unnecessarily? That’s a fantastic lesson in ethics, budgeting and diplomacy.

Somebody’s having a birfday

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