Looking for Depeche Mode Refunds?

Well, you won’t find any here. But, thanks to persistent devious commenter, Pissed in St. Louis, you can get this:

We are writing you with regard to your inquiry about the recent Depeche Mode show at Starlight Theatre. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter, and we’ve been steadily working to address the issue.

As everyone is aware by now, Dave was unable to finish the show in Kansas City due to illness and was not able to perform the next night in Chicago. No one involved with the show wants the fans in Kansas City to be disappointed with this abbreviated performance. For this reason, we have put together a special offering to you for taking the time to contact us in this matter.

Live Nation will forward to you a voucher for tickets (equal to the number of Depeche Mode tickets purchased) to any Live Nation show in Kansas City between now and December 31st. This includes Live Nation promoted shows at Starlight Theatre, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater or any of the other locations Live Nation promotes shows. Furthermore, Depeche Mode will include a piece of band merchandise for you in appreciation of your continued support of the band.

Depeche Mode and Live Nation would like to see that some further good comes out of this difficult situation. For that reason, a donation of $10,000.00 is being made to establish The Music Cares Fund for the Kansas City Missouri Public School District. This money will establish an endowment fund to purchase new instruments for young musicians in the Kansas City school system and create new opportunities for area student musicians in the Kansas City arts community.

Thank you once again for your patience while we worked through this totally unexpected situation.

Depeche Mode


Your friends at Live Nation

*Please provide address and ticket stub information to guestrelationskc@livenation.com if you have not already done so. We will need this information before vouchers are mailed.*

Looking for Depeche Mode Refunds?

One thought on “Looking for Depeche Mode Refunds?

  1. “…a donation of $10,000.00 is being made to establish The Music Cares Fund for the Kansas City Missouri Public School District.”

    Does anyone else hear the sound of a flushing toilet in that statement?


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