Time, time, time. I was studying for my Security+ cert, listening to Underworld and remembering living with Ry and Tony in Lawrence and this crazy friend of theirs from high school, Jenny Somethingorother, pretty much crashed at our house for a week or so and one night she went to an Underworld show at the Granada and this must’ve been about the time they released Beaucoup Fish and I’m listening to Underworld remembering the time I first heard Beaucoup Fish and it wasn’t because of Jenny Somethingorother, it was during the year I lived in Springfield and went to SMSU and the time between now and then flashes through my mind and I’m remembering times at The Bait Shack in Westport and playing disc golf all over the metro and I’m remembering that I’ve lived like a bubble that floats from here to there, changing where I live every year or so for a good ten years, enjoying the days and the friends along the way but never much thinking about what I should be doing in the present to secure the future because I have a hard time thinking along those lines and also remembering that I’ve never sat down with myself to discuss what it is I want or need from this life in order to be fulfilled because a bubble is filled from the inside and that’s what gives it its buoyancy but it’s filled with air and that’s what gives it its capriciousness and it’s all held together by a thin film wall and that’s what keeps that buoyant filling from mingling with the outside and that’s what makes a bubble so fascinating, that and the fact that they never last – otherwise you have a ball on your hands and a ball has weight and a predictable trajectory and when a ball pops the air inside comes out rank and stale and if it doesn’t pop it just goes flat and lifeless, unless it’s a golf ball. Those just end up getting lost before their time.


One thought on “Compressed

  1. FlyGuy says:

    Zimmerman, that’s her name… and the night of that show she “lost” her car and made me drive downtown to look for it. I’m sure we found it but I don’t recall doing so… and I have NO idea where she is now.

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