We’ve got this stray dog in our neighborhood. We saw him about a month ago and a few nights ago he showed up to whimper outside of our and our neighbor’s back doors. He’s absolutely beautiful – I’m guessing a German Shepherd mixed with Golden Retriever. He’s golden in color, long in hair and though his ears are pointy I don’t think they’re clipped. He’s a big boy and a complete baby. The dog looks healthy, good teeth and gums, well-fed, gets along well with other dogs, didn’t go crazy on our cats (although they went crazy on him), loves kids and I know this is someone’s pet and he is completely lost (or was thrown out – but that seems highly unlikely).Yesterday, I came home and he was lying in Sarah’s parking space. I got out of my car and he rolled right over on his belly for me to pet him.

This morning, he was cashed out in our backyard and when I came out to leave for work, he sauntered up to me, sat down on his haunches and stuck his paw up to shake. I couldn’t help but get down on one knee and give him a hug. This is someone’s dog and it kills me that he isn’t at the home he knows. He followed me to my car door, down the driveway, then started running after me as I gained momentum and sped away to work.

Please, somebody tell me you or someone you know wants to take care of this dog because we can’t and I don’t want to take him to a shelter.

[UPDATE: Here’re some photos:

I was wrong. His ears are clipped. -jpp]


4 thoughts on “HELP!

  1. Tammy says:

    Hello, I am the other neighbor who has been looking out for him. He is the best dog I have ever seen. He has been sleeping in our home at night and not one problem. We need find a wonderful home for him. Some where he can run around and be loved.


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