This photo just came across the AP wire:


10 thoughts on “I KNEW IT!!!

  1. I am so glad that I recently discovered your new digs just in time for this post that made me laugh out loud. Glad you’re back! And congrats to you and Sarah on your impending parenthood!


  2. oh, i just noticed too your blog was mentioned in the KC star article about it… nice work! even better with the picture now that the masses will flock to your blog. how did you manage that plug?? i guess you really are that good. 🙂 You da man, you da man.


  3. micheal says:

    just wanted to commend you on your top noch journalism. i too was at the show and saw the many bats, is it possible that it was a true vampire? looking throughout the crowd i saw many suspect people. in any event the show definitely ended “at the bat of an eye”..


  4. many thanks! and thanks to mr. finn at the star for keeping a sense of humor about the whole mess in his article (front page – today’s edition!). you know, i didn’t really want to start any bat-famous rumors, but i think mother nature’s got a sick sense humor, ’cause when dave gahan sings she always sends bats flying.


  5. well, dave definitely showed some bloodsucking traits by consenting to charge fans $75 to see his show. but your comment brings up a great question, lulu:

    can vampires get rabies?


  6. you didn’t see dave get battacked, angie?
    you didn’t see him take off his shirt (and even play a bit with his limey nipples) before getting bit in the eye?
    holy violater, we must’ve been at two different shows.
    you’re telling me you didn’t see that wing-ed, fang-ed, blind-ed, radar-ed critter swoop down on dave gahan like kay barnes on a real estate venture?
    i mean, people are people, and you saw what you saw…but i think this photo, thankfully captured for us by some synchronistic shutterbug, speaks volumes about the dangers facing lead singers who choose to perform at starlight.

    i smell a kctv5 investigation.


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