Last night’s band –

The Kansas City Boulevard Big Band.

30’s and 40’s Big Band (not swing) music. A real delight. I thought I would snag some photos for you, but none turned out too well. The band overtook 1/4 of Toto’s sitting space and their sound couldn’t help but spill out into last night’s near-perfect spring evening. If I’d have been walking by, that sound from bygone days would have stopped me in my tracks and drawn me inside. (If for no other reason than to escape the foul stench that envelopes the crossroads at Johnson and Barkley, which shall henceforth be known as Greasetrap Corner.)

Tonight, more music: Depeche Mode at Starlight. Calling all Mods. Calling all Mods.

Last night’s band –

2 thoughts on “Last night’s band –

  1. They’re playing again next Tuesday at Harling’s. I’ll be there if I don’t end up with a bridge partner for the Tuesday game. I’ll have to watch for them playing on some day other than Tuesday too.

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