still wary of food

after a weekend of upset stomach and wretched nausea, i’m still not too keen to pig out on any culinary delights.

have you ever thought much about death and what it means to you? a whole lotta folks believe their selves continue past bodily/brain death. i’m not sure how this is supposed to work and suppose that’s a mystery best left a mystery by your particular religion. i don’t believe there’s any afterlife (though i am romanced of the idea) and marinating on the fact that someday i’ll no longer be here, poking about in the world, i can see why the inclination toward that particular belief. for me, life is good (i’m not sure everyone can claim that for themselves) and it seems reasonable to want that goodness to continue in some other, perhaps more perfect form. but it seems more reasonable to think that the belief that life continues in some ethereal elsewhen and where is creative wishful thinking.
“But my God promises eternal life.”
but what does your god mean by that promise? it’s only implied in such a promise that eternal life also includes your eternal self. there is an afterlife. it’s called death. and there is an afterdeath. your body and cells and DNA carry on in the plants and bugs and animals and bacteria that decompose you.

but that’s not what we want to hear. we want eternal self and we want it now (and, uh, forever and stuff). i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. i want that too. then i wouldn’t feel so rushed to do so many things.

but here’s the kicker:

i’m no so certain that’s what any god really has in mind and i think this topic deserves a close revisitation.

still wary of food

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