Techmological advances

now allow one to view one’s child’s features while still inside the mother’s womb. This procedure is given the fancy-schmancy name: 4d Ultrasound! That’s right, this is techmology from the 4th dimension. In effect, one can look here

—>   loverly (Beautiful!)


and see this—>Yarrr!

Now you might be saying – will that ain’t that cool. What am I even looking at? It’s a face – an eye, nose and mouth. We couldn’t get a better picture than this because our son either had his hand in front of his face, was sucking on his foot, was sucking on Sarah’s placenta (Tom Cruise was right!) or, as was eventually the case, just straight sleeping.

But even though Junior wasn’t too cooperative, it was still friggin’ awesome to see him in there, yawning and moving and foot-sucking.

Sarah’s seven months on. Due 7/27.

Techmological advances

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