Time off re-cap

November ’05:

        BB! shut down due to punk-ass web host pricing/practices regarding domain name transfer.

        Finish up first grueling 5 weeks of computer training coursework.

        After Thanksgiving, fail/pass (I’m not sure what one really calls a positive) pregnancy test

December ’05:

        Discover World of Warcraft, waste a good three months of already severely limited spare time

        Pass A+ and Net+ exams

        Watch Sarah sleep the sleep of the newly preggo

January ’06:

        Back to class. Boring month.

February ’06:

        More class

        Note that no creative work is being done at this time. I barely even have time to read a book let alone take a photo or write a tale or two. I miss my wife and my house.

        Find out we’re having a little boy. Begin name-sorting process. I favor Willy Willy Preu. Sarah threatens to leave, taking Not Willy Willy with.

March ’06:

        Pass Microsoft XP exam.

        Entering the home stretch of finishing classes. Thank god. I’m burnt.

        Feel the spring itch firing me up to write and ride my bike.

        Help Curtis film his entry for the Rock’s commercial contest. (He loses, unfortunately.)

        Feel son move.

April ’06:

        My boy kicks me in the teeth while I’m kissing Sarah’s belly. Should we name him Chuck Norris Preu? Or Bruce Leroy Preu? Or Mortal Kombat Preu?

        Last month’s work with Curtis leads to a new collaboration.

        Begin work on new novel. Revisit first novel for solicitation this summer.

        Fire up jasonpreu.com – lots of work to be done there.

Time off re-cap

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