You never see this, cause you’re on the front end

 but my webhost, although they provide a helluva service, charges me too much money and recently i’ve been shopping around for cheaper service.
Found it.
come to find out, however, that my current host won’t release my domain for transfer unless i shell out some more cash.
so, in a desperate cry for attention and help:
i’m killing myself


with that in mind:
2 things:

1 thing: please update your addy book to reach me at jason(dot)preu(at) the shut down here won’t occur for another week or so.
2 thing: i’ll be back on line someday soon with a new host and domain name, probably…kidding…



If you aren’t already set with the new host, I would higly recommend

I’ve been using them for several years now, and am extremely satisfied with their service.

Posted by: scoville

You never see this, cause you’re on the front end

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