So, on Friday

Brandon sends me this great link.  I laugh, shake me head and think, “How twoo…”

Then yesterday, on the morning news, I see a report on KCTV5 that Kansas school authorities are upset by the article.


You stupid assholes, do you expect a science-minded magazine to applaud your terrible choices for Kansas students? Are you so far removed? Wankers.

In other news,

The Halloween Roller Derby was fantastic. What a game. I have photos. Someday I may even post some. Until then you’ll have to take my word for it that the bout was a rok-m-sok-m match up. After the game we sang karoake at Helen’s until 1. Duane and I tore up ‘When Doves Cry’ (mainly Duane, I just worked the chorus and was supposed to do the squelching at song’s end but apparently the karoake version doesn’t go into that part – wankers).


I’ll be damned…
Mr. Williamson was my junior year biology teacher at Olathe South.
Good for him.

Posted by: Dodo

So, on Friday

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