Some things I’ve learned about our city now that I’m back in night school

1 – A Season of Our Discontent is the city’s most rockinest radio show and the show’s host is the most annoying on-air personality ever – although he seems like a swell fellow – and there’s no denying he plays choice punk rock. During KKFI’s fund drive last week I almost pledged $100 just so the dude wouldn’t talk during my 20 minute drive home from school. 20 minutes, from 87th and State Line to 18th and Washington…and every Tuesday night I want to slap the taste out of this chap’s mouth.

2 – Roe Boulevard, between 75th Street and Johnson Drive, is gorgeous. Wide and lined with huge, old trees…it’s a fine example of KC’s boulevard system.

3 – At Roe and Johnson (and probably other spots in the vicinity) there are now back-lit street signs. I’ll try to snag a photo for those who don’t make the Mission Mall their location of choice for late-night mall walking.

4 – Speaking of late nights…during the latter part of the evening, the railyards have their own subtle, space-stationish beauty. We have a moon base right in the city, people.

5 – At night, one could conceivably drive from Ward Parkway Mall to Indian Springs Mall in a little over 15 minutes drive time. In fact, you could include Metcalf South and Oak Park in your route and probably add only 10 minutes drive time. Why the hell would one do this? I don’t know. I’m just saying it can be done. Whereas if one were to attempt this during the day you probably be in your car for 45 minutes or more. Traffic sucks. In JoCO, traffic doesn’t just suck, it’s insane. But I’m off subject.

Finally, the following is something I’ve learned about myself and not KC:

It is possible to be inundated with information and, if the old information is oft-repeated while new information is added to it, you’ll come away from such inundation with quite a bit of knowledge.
My class went through this book in 6 and 1/2 class periods: 26.5 hours.

We rock.

Some things I’ve learned about our city now that I’m back in night school

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